Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Time is Sand Mine Season in Monroe County

In the city of Sparta, work has begun on the U.S. Silica site, which is right next to the most densely populated neighborhood in the city. To see a video, click on read more below. Or, see for yourself. For the best view of what's happening there, ride along the Sparta-Elroy Bicycle Trail, a major tourism attraction. Meanwhile, Unimin continues its work on the Tunnel City sand mine. In Oakdale, there are now three sand mines, either operating, in the works or going through an application process.

This video shows the progress sand mines are making in Sparta and Tunnel City. It shows the trains that make these sites so attractive to sand mines. Note the hills around the Tunnel City sand mine. Unimin will level them to get at sand. It says it will rebuild them, but also says they will not look like the ones that are being destroyed.